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All of the classes that Adventure Fit offers, including introductory and intermediate paddle board classes, private lessons and even SUP Yoga adventures with CJoy Yoga.



Ducks in a row at Jubilee Lake

Ducks in a row at Jubilee Lake

SUP/kayak adventure

Join us for a day of paddling at Jubilee Lake Saturday, August 24! 

We'll load up in the Adventure-Fit van at 9:00 am, drive about an hour to Jubilee Lake, paddleboard, snack and swim for about 3 hours before loading back up and arriving in Walla Walla by 3:00 pm.

Cost includes: Transportation to and from our destination, Stand-up Paddleboard or kayak, Paddle, PFD, instruction, and an awesome small-group experience!

Total trip time is 6 hours

Price: $50

Upcoming Dates & Locations:

Jubilee Lake - Saturday, August 24.

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Introductory classes

We offer an affordable and fun 1-hour small-group class where we help you become comfortable and confident on a paddleboard. We'll show you the equipment, go over basic safety practices and get you standing up (that's the point, right!), with plenty of time for individual attention and fun on the water.

Class time: 1 hour

Price: $20

Upcoming dates:

Call to make arrangements


Intermediate Class

If you've been on a paddleboard but want to learn some more advanced skills, this class is for you. We'll work on becoming more proficient at maneuvering our boards, learn some new paddle strokes, and improve our paddling efficiency and power. We'll also increase our safety awareness and discuss how we can apply that knowledge to a wider range of paddling locations and conditions. And we can practice getting on and off our boards (on purpose or not!) for those who want to get wet.

This is not a super technical or strenuous class, just sharing some tips to help you have more confidence and fun when you're out on the water!

Class time: 1 hour

Price: $25



Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for those who prefer to learn one-on-one, or in your own very small group. We'll go at your pace, providing all the individualized help you need to make sure you're comfortable and having fun out on the water.

By appointment only; 4 person limit.

At Bennington Lake, or elsewhere for an additional fee.

Price: $30 per hour, per person. Call to make arrangements